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Handcrafted pipes and fine tobacco

FH2 carries an ever-increasing line of handcrafted pipes, fine pipe tobacco, and all the accessories one needs for a relaxing pipe smoking session. From the novice to seasoned pipe puffer, FH2 has got you covered. 


Fill loosely and press lightly with tamp tool. Pipe should be half full from the bottom. Fill again and compress to the 3/4 mark. Top off and press again. There should be a little space at the top.


Take a test draw to check the airflow. If air is not coming through easily, the pipe is packed too tight. Remove the tobacco and try again.


Move flame over the top of the tobacco in a circular or back and forth sweeping motion. This is the "char light" (or false light). Let it go out and tamp lightly. Repeat the lighting process for the "true light"


Pipe smoking is meant to encourage and facilitate relaxation, focus, and contemplation (or conversation). Don't be discouraged if it takes some practice to keep your pipe lit or achieve a good draw. Also be sure to try different tobacco styles and blends.

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